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Reasons to use a broker

Are you looking for a new business energy contract. Why not use an energy broker? We look at the reasons why you should consider using a broker.

Are you searching for a new energy contract for your business? You might want to consider using an energy broker rather than searching around yourself. There are many benefits of choosing to use a broker, but first we will take a look at what an energy broker actually does. 

What is an energy broker?

Energy brokers essentially act as the middleman between the energy provider and business energy consumer. Energy brokers can help you compare electricity and gas prices as well as different tariffs and contracts. As well as energy, there are brokers in many different fields, such as mortgage brokers and insurance brokers. An energy broker will take any necessary details from you and then they will find an energy contract from a utility company that is suited to your needs. Basically they will do the searching and shopping around for you. It is also good to know that brokers are not tied to any one individual company, meaning they genuinely are trying to find the company most suited to you, they are not obligated to match you with a particular energy provider. 

If you find your energy contract through a broker they will continue to act as the intermediary between you and the provider throughout your contract period and will be your point of contact if you do have any questions or issues. 

We will now look at some of the reasons you might benefit from choosing to use a broker rather than finding your own energy provider and going through them directly.

Reasons to use a broker

They can save you time

One of the biggest advantages of using a broker is the time they can save you. Obviously if you choose to search for an energy provider yourself you will be giving your details numerous times to different companies until you find the one most suited to you. With a broker you only need to give your details to the broker once, and they will search for you. Meaning you can just relax and wait for the broker to contact you with their suggestion. 

They can potentially save you money

It is very possible that you can find better prices with a broker. Of course there is no guarantee but brokers can have access to some deals and contracts that consumers themselves would not have access to. Much like other industries, brokers will have strong relationships with some energy providers, meaning they may have access to better pricing than what a business consumer would. 

They have knowledge of the market

An energy broker will have a greater understanding of the energy market. The staff will be trained and the best brokers will keep up to date with electricity and gas market prices which will enable them to make informed decisions for their customers. 

They will manage your contract

A broker’s service to you doesn’t end when they have found you an energy provider, as they will continue to manage it through the term of your contract. This means if you have any questions or queries during your contract period you will contact your broker as they still act as the middleman between you and your energy provider. The other benefit of this is that you will get renewal reminders towards the end of your contract so you won’t forget. They can also help you search for the best options for your renewal and won’t be trying to persuade you to stay with the same company unless this is the best option for you. 

They do more than just find the best price

Brokers will simply do what is best for you, and sometimes you may be looking for more than just finding the cheapest contract. As well as the price they may be other things that are important to you, maybe you are looking to use green energy, maybe you have future requirements that need to be considered. A broker will take all your requirements into consideration when finding a contract suited to you, it is not just as simple as finding the cheapest energy supplier. 

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